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When you are the parent of a busy three year old, you try and find ways to redirect and channel their attention in constructive ways. My boy has so much energy that I suspect he may not just metabolize his food, but use some sort of fusion to extract that much pure energy. As my first born every play his offense runs is one that my defense has never seen. Lately he has really been running the score up on my wife and I. I can only hope that our newborn takes pity on us.

I have read some moderately helpful blogs and articles on how to deal with defiance at this age as it pertains to new siblings.

When munchkin refuses to allow you to dress him, give him a choice in what he wants to wear of two acceptable options. He will feel included in the decision making process and therefore be empowered.

Awesome. We have a plan. I like plans.

Me: “Hey buddy. Which shorts would you like to...

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